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and also the projects carried out by the foundation (homepage navigation, left) that the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation would like to achieve within a short space of time.

This involves projects that may be partly linked with one another, but which still deserve attention on an individual level as priorities. For that reason, the foundation has selected some key projects and brought them to the fore, highlighting them as imperative. These are set out as follows under a., b., and c.

The conservation (archiving according to the current state) and, if necessary, restoration of the countless Giuseppe Verdi documents stored in the Villa Verdi (Sant'Agata).
The foundation and construction of a newly-renovated international multilingual centre for Giuseppe Verdi studies (including a research and education centre), in which the current Italian Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani can be integrated, if the Italian foundation wishes.

This centre could be established in:

the Villa Verdi (Sant' Agata),

one of the buildings to be constructed in the original style in the Villa Verdi park;

the Palazzo Orlandi, following restoration (Verdi's residence from 1845 to 1851);

the Casa di Riposo per Musicisti Giuseppe Verdi (Milan),

one of the palazzos made available by the cities of Parma, Piacenza or Cremona or a representative house.

It may also be an option to acquire or rent a representative old building at Lake Garda or Lake Como in the event that the above-mentioned options are not available.

The restoration of the Palazzo Orlandi in the Via Roma in Busseto. This was Verdi's first residence (1845-1851), in which he composed at least four and possibly even six operas, but which has been in a state of disrepair for many years and must be fully restored as soon as possible in order to save it from total decline.

Once the restauration has been completed, Giuseppe Verdi's first residence in the Palazzo could be used as follows:

Establishment of the new, internationally-focused multilingual centre for Giuseppe Verdi studies (also a research and educational centre).
Establishment of the Archivio Storico Ricordi in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Group.
Bistro, sale of books, CDs, DVDs, small office for the Friends of the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation.

In conclusion, this points strongly once more to the fact that although all International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation projects are of great importance, the PROJECTS DESCRIBED HERE should be given absolute priority.

This, of course, requires the right resources, which is why the advisory board and trustees of the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation would like to invite all those interested in Verdi to take part in financing the project or to help in other ways.

Further reports to follow.

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