The work of the foundation: Our guidelines

Giuseppe Verdi in Montecatini - Terme (um 1895 / 97)  Ditto in Montecatini-Terme

As presented in detail in the previous section, the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation was set up in order to promote and achieve that which is required in order to obtain, catalogue, archive and reunify Giuseppe Verdi's comprehensive estate. In addition, the networking and promotion of the international Verdi Foundation in the service of education, culture and science is very close to our hearts. Those are the main aims of the foundation.

Holding the conviction, however, that these aims can only be achieved on the basis of a shared passion for Verdi's life and oeuvre, there must be a requirement to protect Verdi's legacy as a matter of world heritage and to make it accessible to as many people as possible, and this requirement must come before personal interests and a false rivalries mentality.

In addition, the advisory board and trustees of the IGVS Foundation carry the conviction that the lack of global funding and the resulting savings in the arts and cultural sector must under no circumstances lead to the dissolution of a cultural asset of international standing. Verdi's heritage is part of a musical legacy that is truly global, which is why preserving this legacy concerns us all.

In order to tackle this task on a practical level, the foundation wishes to utilise resources, sponsorships and private and corporate donations made available to other foundations to create the conditions for preserving Verdi's heritage on a European level. It also wishes to sustainably secure and expertly conserve Verdi's comprehensive archive, which is stored mainly in the Villa Sant'Agata (Villa Verdi) and comprises countless letters, valuable music diagrams on his entire oeuvre and his private library.

The foundation also wishes to contribute to gradually opening the archive in the 'Casa di Riposo per musicisti', founded by Verdi in Milan for needy musicians and which also houses a wealth of valuable documents, for research and study purposes.

In addition, the foundation strives towards a close collaboration with the Bertelsmann Group, through which the Archivio Storico Ricordi can also be involved in the work of the foundation.

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Translated by Katie Roskams within the initiative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from German into English. Proofreader: Thomas McGuinn