Financing the Foundation’s work:   

As well as capital, the IGVS also needs to finance its future research and education centre with library, including the staffing costs and resources associated with this.

These could be partly funded through application to the European Community, since the Foundation Initiative has been considered a transnational Initiative from the beginning. Giuseppe Verdi was not only a composer for Busseto and the surrounding town; for over 100 years he has been perhaps the most accomplished composer in musical history.

Since the EU only ever awards partial subsidies, and the Foundation cannot expect grants from other EU Member States (except possibly Italy), fundraising remains a fundamental means of raising the remaining necessary funds. However, in order to be able to engage a good and trustworthy Fundraising agency, an offer of approx. €5,000 – the sum currently available to the Foundation – will be necessary.

The Executive Board therefore seeks companies, foundations and individuals who are willing to give the Foundation a generous helping hand.

The following is a list of the estimated annual expenditure for the planned centre, expected job roles, and other tasks:


Centre costs (general) € 50,000 / € 60,000

Although currently more clarification is needed for


Where the new multilingual research and education centre will be built


Where the International Verdi Professorship will be based

the costs to be raised for this (rental charges for the required property or free of charge establishment at the Verdi Villa) cannot yet be definitively assessed.

In addition, it should be understood that these costs would not include rent or utility charges.

The following are also required:

Annual salary of the Centre Director €35,000 / €45,000
Director of Musicology €40,000 / €50,000
Two Assistant Musicologists €25,000 / €30,000 (per position)
Three administrative positions €60,000 / €75,000
Reimbursement of expenses for Executive Board Members & Members of the Board of Trustees €45,000
Reimbursement of expenses for voluntary staff €25,000

Indeed, the staffing costs (on an annual basis) are yet to be calculated, and it should be understood that all costs mentioned here are to be seen as estimated costs.

In order to find out which means will be necessary for financing the various Foundation projects, it is possible to gain more detailed information via a consultation (Financing the Foundation’s Projects).

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Translated by Amy Hillam within the initiative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from German into English. Proofreader: Thomas McGuinn