Executive of the Foundation & Board of Trustees (Releases)

Giuseppe Verdi um 1848 Giuseppe  Verdi um 1898


Frank J.M.M. van Strijthagen


Bruno Haas (Rechtsanwalt)
Member - Montecatini-Terme (Italien)

Board of Trustees:

Prof. Dr. Sieghart Döhring
Cecilia Saltini (Parma) Italien
Dr. Ingrid Czaika


The Executive Board of the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation offers thanks to the former, mostly retired members of the Executive Board and Board of Trustees for their dedication to the service of Giuseppe Verdi and the aspirations of the Foundation.

Nikos W. Dettmer (Executive Board member and co-founder of the Foundation)

Inge Bias-Putzier (Executive Board member)
Rainer Gross (Secretary)
Olaf Zöllner (Treasurer)

Dana Kühnau (Board of Trustees member)
Ted Ganger (Board of Trustees member)

The Executive Board of the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation is looking to recruit at the earliest opportunity:

a secretary as a member of the Executive Board
(initially on a voluntary basis - later with compensation of expenses)

a member of the Board of Trustees
(also initially on a voluntary basis - later with compensation of expenses)

initially, four musicologists (emphasis on Verdi) as members of the MUSICOLOGICAL ADVISORY BOARD, established with effect from 1st May 2014
(also initially on a voluntary basis - later on a fee basis)

Should the International G. Verdi Foundation be given the opportunity to undertake a critical edition of Verdi's French operas Jérusalem and Les Vêpres Siciliennes, the Foundation may need further musicologists (as well as musicians) that wish to be involved in this great task. If you feel this is a task meant for you, contact the Executive Board as soon as possible.

various translation staff are also required

Italian – German
Italian - English
Italian - French
Italian - Spanish
Italian – Dutch

who are willing to contribute to the translation of Verdi's extensive correspondence in the abovementioned languages.

Furthermore, the International. G. Verdi Foundation is looking for a secretarial employee (initially on a voluntary basis, but later on a fee basis) available to work two four-hour sessions (afternoons) per week at the Verdi Centre in Planegg, near Munich, to fulfil various tasks.

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Translated by Amy Hillam within the initiative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from German into English. Proofreader: Thomas McGuinn