Creation of the Foundation's Capital

                 Giuseppe Verdi um 1897 - 1899                    Giuseppina Verdi-Strepponi um 1890

It was not so long ago that the term SPONSORSHIP was taken for granted. That is, if the available government funds were no (longer) sufficient for a cultural life at a high level, one resorted to sponsorship.  Large organisations such as the Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich) or international orchestras such as  the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic or the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, even created places where certain individuals could devote themselve exclusively to seeking sponsors.

Even now this is still the case, although the search for sponsors is increasingly entrusted to professional fundraising agencies, because, unlike individuals, they are in a position to develop and execute a complete professional concept against a previously fixed price.

The International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation also prefers to collaborate with such fundraising agencies in order to raise the required amount of €75,000 for the creation of the Foundation’s minimum capital. A higher capital balance would actually not be desirable at present, as the current interest income has historically been so low that even the interest of a much higher capital balance would hardly be sufficient to carry out a project, if at all. 

Another possibility for raising the Foundation’s capital would be ‘donations’, of which we welcome €5000 onwards. And for donors there is then also the possibility of becoming a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Being a member of the yet to be established Board of Trustees would not just be considered symbolic or an honour.  No, the Foundation sees it as ‘an honour’ and members would have the concrete right to have a say, to shape, and to introduce ideas, or even to advise against proposals or projects.

To be a member of the Board of Trustees is not only meaningful, but is also an extremely important role!

Anyone who is interested in the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi and his extensive legacy is invited to become a benefactor of the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation. Should you be interested in becoming a benefactor of IGVS, – about which the Executive Board would be very pleased – please take the opportunity of contacting the Executive Board, preferably in writing. Click here for the online contact form. 

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Translated by Amy Hillam within the initiative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from German into English. Proofreader: Thomas McGuinn