IGVF Committee Sipporters & Friends' Association (registered society)

Only when the International Giuseppe Verdi Foundation has the necessary financial resources will it be possible to achieve the ambitious objectives which it has set itself and on which the Foundation is founded. In order to achieve these aims, the Foundation can collect donations; however, it is also possible to support the Foundation through sponsorship, subsidies and charitable gifts.

In addition, the Foundation will launch a few products such as organic olive oil, wine, etc. (see the Foundation Shop), in order to finance and carry out various smaller projects using the profits.

Furthermore, in early 2013 the Foundation adopted the resolution to attract as many Verdi fans worldwide as possible. But since the IGVF can have no members, a Friends of IGVF Association was launched, through which it is possible to register with the Foundation at an annual membership fee of €35.00 (students €17.50) .

The Friends of IGVF Association pursues exclusively cultural, scientific and charitable purposes with respect to Section 51 et seq of the Fiscal Code of Germany (1977) and is financed by membership fees and donations.

Anyone can become a member of this association; to register, a written (via letter, note card or email) or verbal (telephone) application will suffice. Furthermore, membership requests can be made using the contact form. The Friends’ Association committee (not the Foundation’s Executive Board or Board of Trustees) will then confirm the membership.

Each member is required to transfer their membership fees annually between 1st and 15th January, or to submit a Direct Debit mandate to the Friends’ Association committee.

Receipts for the tax office can of course be issued at any time. These can also be requested here.

Further information will be published here as soon as possible.

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Translated by Amy Hillam within the initiative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from German into English. Proofreader: Thomas McGuinn