What is the purpose of the International Guiseppe Verdi foundation? What does it stand for and waht are his aims, especially in an international context?

The „International Giuseppe Verdi“ foundation, established in november 2007 in order to maintain the Verdi's oeuvre, is a non-profit institution that has been first officially recognized in the Netherlands in january 2009. Since january 2011, it is also state-approved in germany.

The organisations' main aims are listed below:

  •           - Saving the heritage of the great composer and individual Guiseppe Verdi in all aspects.
  •               - Preserving his doing for future generations.
  • ⁃ Making it accessible to people who are interested people or want to conduct research or pursue studies on the topic.

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On top of that the foundation – being non-profit -  wants to realize a number of projects as for instance the establishment of an international, multilingual research and education center as well as the inception of an international professorship dedicated to Verdis' oeuvre. Likewise important is the publication of the considerable amount of letters that he has written during his life, in as many languages as possible.

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Furthermore we endeavor to co-operate in a trusting and intense manner with all people and institutions being near and dear to Giuseppe Verdi, his life and ouevre. We  appreciate all forms of commitment, while neglecting all borders and competitiveness, because we want to render a service to science, education and cultural life.

In a broader sense we also strive to do a service to the universal interest in Verdi's opus and life, which is considered as an extraordinary phenomenon. This assumption is not only proved by the presence of his operas on the repertories of almost all opera houses and concert halls throughout the world, but also by the fact, that there is a lot of valuable literature on the subject, predominantly in german, english and italian language.

Even the critical reprint of Verdi's oeuvre, which has been in the making since 1981 in Milan (Ricordi) and Chicago (University of Chicago Press) is part of it.

In the end, it is important to remark, that we can't realize the projects listed above without the necessary funds. Thus the „Internationale Giuseppe Verdi Stiftung“ would be pleased to encounter new auxiliarities as well as generous donors, who would like to help us to materialize our very important as well as ambitious aims!

Please help the IGVS with your donation!

  • Our account details can be found below:
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Do you have questions, particular wishes or suggestions? Or do you want to  acquire an interest in our project? Please contact us, preferably by phone!


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